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  • Håkan Stenlund
  • Håkan Stenlund

Håkan Stenlund

Fly Fishing Ambassador


Sorsele, Swedish Lapland


Sorsele, Swedish Lapland

Håkan Stenlund has fished, hunted and skied on every continent, but he settled down in Sorsele, Swedish Lapland, because “ … the fishing, hunting and cross-country skiing doesn’t get much better anywhere else.”

Among life events he counts as highlights—first trout, first love, first grayling, first kiss, first tarpon, first time getting really lost—none compares to the birth of his son.

His photography has appeared in Gray’s Sporting Journal, Men’s Journal, Outside, The New York Times and National Geographic—and, of course, on a Patagonia® Fly Fishing catalog cover.
Career Highlights
  • After avoiding an office for the better part of 25 years, his work now includes indoor time as a PR strategist for the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board
  • Annually averaging 250 days afield as a trout bum, ski bum and bird hunter
  • Discovering fly fishing’s fountain of youth: tenkara
  • Catching a lot of fish in spite of lousy casting technique
  • Raising Rubens, a great bird dog