• Zahan Billimoria
  • Zahan Billimoria
  • Zahan Billimoria

Zahan Billimoria

Skiing Ambassador


Geneva, Switzerland


Jackson, Wyoming

Zahan Billimoria
Zahan has a passion for human-powered skiing. It’s his way of traveling freely through the mountains and meeting the ever-changing conditions with the tools on hand. He’s inspired by improbable and adventurous skiing—where no rules exist, just a blend of his vision and the mountain’s dynamics. He enables others to have similar experiences through his work as an Exum Mountain Guide.
Career Highlights
  • Current speed record holder for the Teton Trifecta—a ski enchainment of the Grand Teton, Middle Teton, and South Teton
  • Member of the 2007 US National Ski Mountaineering team
  • Competed in the 2008 World Championships of Ski Mountaineering, Champêry, Switzerland
  • Completed ten ski descents of the Grand Teton, via four different routes
  • Numerous first descents in the Teton Range, Wyoming
  • Guided three ski descents of the Grand Teton by two different routes, including the second guided ski descent of the Otter Body route
  • Lead Teton guide for Teton Gravity Research
  • Ski guiding work captured in Teton Gravity Research films Way of Life, Almost Ablaze and Higher
  • Ski and climbing guide for Exum Mountain Guides
  • Dad and husband