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“Clinically” Blue Skies Inspire K6 West Attempt

“Clinically” Blue Skies Inspire K6 West Attempt

By Steve House   |   Sep 17, 2007 September 17, 2007

K6_after_the_storm Today we have a double-shot from Steve House. Apologies for not posting Update 9 sooner. In it Steve share's Marko's assessment of the weather, and he describes the Sierra-style climb that was mentioned in the last update, including the surprise they found at the top of it.

Listen to Steve House Update 9 (mp3)

Then, on Sunday, we received another call. The weather was so nice the team packed up and charged K6 West. Give a listen to see how it turned out.

Listen to Steve House Update 10 (mp3)

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[K6, back in the picture. Masherbrum Mountains, Pakistan. Photo: Steve House]

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