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Chicago’s Bike to Work Week

Chicago’s Bike to Work Week

Jul 7, 2008 July 7, 2008

Cimg1617_2As a company, Patagonia celebrated Bike to Work Week in May, during which we highlighted our efforts in our stores, at our Reno Distribution facility and on campus in Ventura. Patagonia Chicago additionally participated in the City of Chicago’s annual Bike to Work Week, which took place June 8-15. Sure, this news is a little late but in reality every week is Bike to Work Week. Here’s a report from Brooks Scott, Chicago Store Manager on their efforts:

We’ve traditionally used the company’s bike to work week as a warm-up to a more concentrated effort here for the city’s week. We’ve found that it’s a more compelling story to share with our friends and customers when we mirror the city’s efforts. This year was no different.

[Bike parking for employees and customers inside Patagonia Chicago. Photo: Brooks Scott]

We have a core group of bike commuters already on staff, and the restof the group took every opportunity to jump on the saddle andparticipate as well. With over 20 employees, bike storage waschallenging, but we made it work. A few months ago we created a spacein the store for bike storage, and have been using and sharing the“bike garage” with our cycling customers as well, encouraging them tobring their ride into the store and park while they shop.

We kicked off the week with a tabling event with local group, WorkingBikes Cooperative, who take bike donations oldand new and fix ‘em up and send them overseas to developing countrieswhere they are used in a myriad of ways, from water pumping to powergeneration, as well as plain old transportation. They set up next tothe bike garage with an old exercise bike hooked up to motor that ran arow of CFLs and one incandescent bulb. Interesting that it took littleto no effort to light five CFLs, and you had to pedal twice as hard to getthe single incandescent bulb to come on.

We faced some weather throughout the week, but it didn’t deter ourefforts. Here’s a short summary of what we accomplished this week:

225 Miles ridden

50% of the time, people rose in, 27% used public transportation, with the balance coming in cars.

We had 6 people bike the entire week, every shift, and 12 total that rode at least once.


[Photo: Brooks Scott]

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