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Makalu: Blown Away

Makalu: Blown Away

By Steve House   |   Oct 31, 2008 October 31, 2008

Makalupostcard_2 Steve, Vince and Marko spent last night at the base of the wall but returned to base camp this morning due to extremely strong winds. Attempting Makalu's West Face in less than ideal conditions is one thing, attempting it in a storm of flying rocks and ice chunks is just not smart. Steve House shares the details in this morning's call:

Audio_graphic_3_6 Listen to Makalu Update 8
(mp3 – 2:12 – right-click to download)

We'll keep you posted if the team decides to extend their trip. Otherwise, our thanks go out to Steve and Vince for taking the time to bring us along for the ride. 

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[The elusive West Face of Makalu. Nepal. Photo: Marko Prezelj]

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