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Tales of the Ventura River

Tales of the Ventura River

Jul 13, 2009 July 13, 2009

On Friday, we asked Ventura residents to Be a Steelhead Advocate, Report Illegal Fishing in the Ventura River. As a follow-up to that post we're pleased to share this 2007 video from the Matilija Coalition. It's pretty long but the stories within paint a vivid picture of what theriver was like before factors like the Matilija Dam existed and southern steelhead were placed onthe Endangered Species list. For those of you who live elsewhere, I think you'll find the video to be a neat slice-of-life from our little beach town — and a good example for other dam-removal projects currently being debated around the country.

[Video courtesy of the Matilija Coalition, via Ventura River Ecosystem. With thanks to Paul Jenkin and everyone featured in the video.]

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