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Month: June 2011

From the Trenches series – Caring for your Down Clothing

From the Trenches series – Caring for your Down Clothing

By Old School   |   Jun 6, 2011 June 6, 2011

Like flocks of swirling swallows or shimmering schools of tropical fish, our customers swoop in with mysteriously synchronized concerns and questions on a regular basis, prompting the need for ready answers. Times like these, nothing would be more handy than magically beaming knowledge out into the ether. Our very… Read More

The Cartwright Connection

The Cartwright Connection

By Matt Helliker   |   Jun 3, 2011 June 3, 2011

Unrelenting spindrift avalanches and gusty winds constantly blasted and buffeted our portaledge. Our small cocoon of safety on this harsh and hostile mountain was slowly being engulfed, as we nervously watched the snow level rise up the fly walls. Five of the toughest days climbing of our lives it… Read More

From left: Covers of the 1998, 2006, 2007 AAJs.

Cover Story

By Kelly Cordes   |   Jun 2, 2011 June 2, 2011

What makes a good cover? Well, as with most things, that depends. What do you want? Sex appeal? Eye candy? Or are you hoping to convey something more? The story behind the image means something. To me it does, anyway. Since 2000 I’ve been one of the editors of… Read More

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