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Month: October 2011

Dirtbag Diaries: Tales of Terror Vol. 2

Dirtbag Diaries: Tales of Terror Vol. 2

By Fitz Cahall   |   Oct 31, 2011 October 31, 2011

Kelly Cordes started the Halloween festivites on Friday with his Halloween Bloodbath (?) post on Friday. Now that our favorite scary holiday has arrived, we hand the flashlight over to Fitz Cahall for his annual Tales of Terror episode on The Dirtbag Diaries. What frightful things… Read More

Parking lot Limbo. Photo: Kelly Cordes

Halloween Bloodbath (?)

By Kelly Cordes   |   Oct 28, 2011 October 28, 2011

“It’s gonna be a bloodbath!” The words rocked me back to my mullet years in the 80s, back in high school, central Pennsylvania. “Oh my,” Mean Gene would usually add. I’m talking about Mean Gene Okerlund, the rounded, balding, deadpan serious WWF announcer. As you… Read More

Back to Patagonia – Part 2

Back to Patagonia – Part 2

By Crystal Thornburg-Homcy   |   Oct 27, 2011 October 27, 2011

by Crystal Thornburg-Homcy As I packed my bags for my trip to Patagonia, reminiscing about my last visit over four years ago, I remembered the sudden shift of weather patterns from cold to hot, to snow and even rain. My activities would range from surfing, kayaking, hiking,… Read More

Journey Through a Scroll Painting

Journey Through a Scroll Painting

By Dave Campbell   |   Oct 26, 2011 October 26, 2011

by Dave Campbell From standing guard over endangered sea-turtle eggs, to mapping oceanic pollution and starting one of the West's most successful wilderness protection organizations, our Environmental Internship Program provides Patagonia employees with opportunities to participate in the fight to protect the Earth's resources. It's been a while… Read More

In honor of our dear colleague, Holger Bismann

In honor of our dear colleague, Holger Bismann

By Casey Sheahan   |   Oct 21, 2011 October 21, 2011

I write to convey the news of the passing of our dear friend and wonderful colleague, Holger Bismann. Although you wouldn't have known it by the way Holger's exceptionally positive attitude prevailed through the challenge of his recent health issues, he had been ill for the… Read More

Connecting the dots on a Motherlode classic. Photo: Keith Ladzinski

Seeing Red

By Brittany Griffith   |   Oct 19, 2011 October 19, 2011

I hung limp on the end of the rope with my forehead resting on the taut line. I felt my throat tighten. I hadn’t been this frustrated in a very long time. I realized a long time ago that grades were relative, but it seemed everyone here, 30-40 people,… Read More

Above: Enjoying a rare rest and looking ahead to the daunting crux of the climb. Photo: Becca Caldwell

Back on the Dawn Wall with Tommy Caldwell

By Tommy Caldwell   |   Oct 18, 2011 October 18, 2011

I wiggle the tip of my pinky finger into a small opening in the crack, and step high onto a small edge. Ouch! Maybe if I focus harder on the moves I will forget the pain. I pull onto the rock again, climb a few feet, then surrender. Such… Read More

Hayden Kennedy in base camp, with K6 rising in the background. Photo: Kelly Cordes

Notes from Pakistan – Part 1

By Kelly Cordes   |   Oct 18, 2011 October 18, 2011

I just returned from seven weeks in Pakistan, where I took a few notes: • Getting from the States to Islamabad went smooth as silk. Best airline ever? Emirates. “Baller,” as Hayden put it. Side note: “Baller” is not, as I’d ignorantly… Read More

Gallery: Chris Burkard Surf Photography

Gallery: Chris Burkard Surf Photography

By Kasey   |   Oct 13, 2011 October 13, 2011

"I think we say a lot about who we are through our work." —Chris Burkard One of the joys of working at Patagonia is dropping by the photo department and peeking at the recent submissions. We share the best of the best in our catalogs… Read More

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