The Cleanest Line

Month: October 2011

Colin Haley walking out from a false start, with the Fitz Roy massif behind. Photo: Kelly Cordes


By Kelly Cordes   |   Oct 7, 2011 October 7, 2011

Early winter in Estes Park, tourist season finally over and the town asleep, I stood in an empty backroom at a local bar. “Tango,” said Jay, “is the dance of passion. It’s a dramatic cat-and-mouse game – teasing back-and-forth, graceful, seductive.” It’s so fun being a beginner. My girlfriend… Read More

Back to Patagonia

Back to Patagonia

By Crystal Thornburg-Homcy   |   Oct 3, 2011 October 3, 2011

It's been about 4 1/2 years since my last trip to Patagonia, but my memories of the vast landscapes, milky blue rivers, and wild animals had never left my mind. What really left an impact on me was the thought of this place, being DESTROYED by dams, deforestation, mining,… Read More

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