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Month: March 2012

Spring Gardening

Spring Gardening

By Crystal Thornburg-Homcy   |   Mar 7, 2012 March 7, 2012

My husband Dave and I started our garden about five years ago. Now our garden operation is called Crave Greens. The name was inspired by the combination of Crystal and Dave. Our love for the natural environment and passion for cooking inspired us to get… Read More

Beyond and Back: Fred Beckey

Beyond and Back: Fred Beckey

By Jeff Johnson   |   Mar 5, 2012 March 5, 2012

I first met Fred Beckey about 6 years ago at the Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree. He was sitting at a corner booth surrounded by young women (in their 40’s), empty pint glasses, and wearing an ear-to-ear grin. I was told he had more first ascents than anyone in… Read More

Above: Texas Tower, 600-feet of pissed-off sandstone wideness, still more than an hour's hike away through snow conditions sent straight from the devil himself. Photo: JT

Texas Tower Soul Crush

By Jonathan Thesenga   |   Mar 1, 2012 March 1, 2012

My college friend Chris Kalous and I had an epic weekend climbing Texas Tower, which is down between Blanding and Hanksville in southern Utah. Two-hours of aggro, axle-smashing 4×4, then two hours of heinous post-holing up to our knees through breakable-crust snow just to get… Read More

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