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Month: June 2013

Solutions Series, Part 1: The Babies in the River

Solutions Series, Part 1: The Babies in the River

By Annie Leonard   |   Jun 28, 2013 June 28, 2013

Once upon a time in a riverside village, a woman noticed a shocking sight: a drowning baby, crying its lungs out, being washed downriver. She rushed to save it, rescuing the baby just before it went over the falls at the edge of town. The next day there were two… Read More

Rios Libres: Environmental Dispatches – Episode 4, The Movement

By Kate Ross   |   Jun 24, 2013 June 24, 2013

Patagonia is one of the few precious places on the planet where the array of natural beauty still defies human imagination. You are forced to think of new adjectives to describe the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the glaciers that stand juxtaposed with green rolling hills and sheer… Read More

Above: Cold conditions during a summit attempt on Cerro Catedral, in Torres Del Paine, Chile. All photos courtesy of Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll

Of Rats and Men

By Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll   |   Jun 19, 2013 June 19, 2013

If you are chained to a wall in a dark dungeon famished rats will slowly nibble at your flesh. You can kick, scream and quiver all you want but the rats will sluggishly keep nipping away until they reach your heart and your body goes lifeless. Then they keep… Read More

Above: Action shot from the successful 2012 Patagonia Critical Mass. Photo: ©Tyler Keck

A Belated Bike to Work Week

By Gavin Back   |   Jun 14, 2013 June 14, 2013

It should come as little surprise that a company with Patagonia’s environmental stance is a fervent supporter of Bike to Work Week (B2WW). Unfortunately, important business commitments during the week of May 13-17 meant we are unable to participate during the national event. But this has not deterred us… Read More

[Above: Andrew and Danny Boy address the crowd. All photos by Glenda Dudley]

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center visits Patagonia Reno

By Laurel Winterbourne   |   Jun 13, 2013 June 13, 2013

Danny sleeps peacefully curled up in the corner while Matt, in his boisterous voice, tells the story of Danny’s heroic rescue and horrific existence in captivity in Alaska. On the other side of the room his counterpart Willow sways with sleepiness, falling over every few seconds. She is new… Read More

Running With My Devils

Running With My Devils

By Steve Graepel   |   Jun 11, 2013 June 11, 2013

I remember running the 50K and getting off course but fighting back into third place, and I remember that it was hot… hotter than hell. And then… and then nothing… I don’t remember collapsing. I have no memories of kicking off good-Samaritan runners who pinned me down to the… Read More

The Art of the Resole

The Art of the Resole

By iFixit   |   Jun 6, 2013 June 6, 2013

Mark Sensenbach perches on a stool, back slightly hunched, eyes down, brows narrowed in concentration. His hands, toughened by mountains and work, maneuver the rubber sole of a climbing shoe against a sanding wheel. His movements made smooth by practice, Mark runs the shoe back and forth, rotates and… Read More

The confluence of the Baker and Neff rivers. This waterfall would be become a reservior if the dams goes into place. Patagonia, Chile. Photo: James Q Martin

Rios Libres: Environmental Dispatches – Episode 1, The People

By Juan Pablo Orrego   |   Jun 3, 2013 June 3, 2013

People say that the “Patagonia Without Dams” campaign is epic. No wonder. This campaign is not only about saving two of Patagonia’s most magnificent rivers, the Baker and Pascua. It is not only about protecting the legendary, magical beauty of this planetary bio gem, its biodiversity and complex ecological… Read More