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Free the Snake: Restoring America’s Greatest Salmon River

It’s time to remove four deadbeat
dams on the lower Snake River.

Over the last 25 years, the Federal government has invested billions of dollars in a largely futile attempt to bring our nation’s greatest salmon river back to life. Snake River salmon have been put on trucks and barges, fish ladders have been built—all in the hope that enough salmon would get by four dams on the lower Snake River to reach their historic habitat in numbers that would assure their future.

It’s not working. Wild Snake River salmon are on the brink and the cost of these dams far outweigh the small amount of electricity they generate and transportation they provide and lower-impact alternatives do exist.

This short film about the lower Snake River envisions a future that works for farmers, fishermen, tribes, salmon and the natural world. One that creates thousands of local jobs, restores recreational opportunities, saves taxpayers money, and invests in cleaner energy alternatives.

Watch it and then join us in asking President Obama and Congress to remove these four deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River.

Dylan Tomine hangs on to a somersaulting winter steelhead. British Columbia. TIM PASK
Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador Dylan Tomine

Dylan Tomine

Fighting for wild fish with words was never part of the plan for writer, fly fisherman and Patagonia ambassador Dylan Tomine. “I’m a reluctant conservationist. Prior to the year 2000, it had never occurred to me to spend one second of my life trying to save anything.”

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By Dylan Tomine

Three minutes into our float, the v-wakes of submerged rocks in the tailout begin to move, creasing the glassy surface as they peel away from the approaching raft. Skyla and Weston lean forward, scouting ahead.

“Are those all fish?” Skyla asks, then, with rising urgency, “They are! Look!” Weston climbs up onto the bow, afraid to miss out. Chaos ensues. I yell at him to keep his feet on the floor; he ignores me and scrambles for position. “There’s one over there!” he hollers, ...

April Vokey releasing a Skeena River steelhead. ADRIENNE COMEAU

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