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Every year our customers ask us many questions, often about things like the fit or availability of a product. They can also be about our efforts in promoting fair, safe and healthy factory workplace conditions. All of these questions help our customers make informed purchases. They also encourage us to fulfill a core company value, to lead an examined life, and to improve our Corporate Responsibility program.

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How do you select your factories?

How much contact do you have with your factories?

Where does Patagonia manufacture its products?

Why don't you make more of your products in the United States?

Does Patagonia work in countries, like China, that have poor human-rights and environmental records?

Will you continue to chase lower-cost labor as it moves from country to country?

Do children make your clothes?

Do workers in factories making Patagonia clothes earn a living wage?

Is it environmentally unsound to manufacture globally and ship goods great distances?

How does Patagonia weigh its commitments to environmental versus social responsibility?

Does Patagonia publish a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report or social audit?

What happens if a factory is found to be out of compliance with Patagonia’s Workplace Code of Conduct?

Has Patagonia ever severed relations with factories found to be out of compliance with the company’s Workplace Code of Conduct?

Why does Patagonia publish its factory list?