Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt |  $119.00 CAD

Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt |  $119.00 CAD

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Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt

$119.00 CAD
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Color  Sespe: Tobago Blue (SSTB-197)
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Casitas: El Cap Khaki (CEKH-191)

Casitas: El Cap Khaki

Casitas: Leaden Blue (CSLB-192)

Casitas: Leaden Blue

Sespe: Ash Tan (SSAT-195)

Sespe: Ash Tan

Sespe: Tobago Blue (SSTB-197)

Sespe: Tobago Blue








Our most technical fishing shirt designed specifically for hot weather situations. The Sun Stretch Shirt may become your favorite shirt for all outdoor pursuits.

In the frantic moments when dark shapes appear and you have to reach way back to launch the 12-weight, you need a shirt that moves with you. You also need the calming effect of cool, lightweight fabric and serious sun protection. Our Sun Stretch Shirt fills the bill. This ultralight, long-sleeved shirt is made from a quick-drying 2.25-oz nylon/polyester blend with mechanical stretch and 30-UPF sun protection. The vented upper torso catches even the lightest tropical breeze and vertical-zip chest pockets hold anything you need to access quickly. While the Sun Stretch is designed specifically for fishing, it just might become your favorite shirt for all warm-weather pursuits.
  • Ultralight nylon/polyester blend dries in a flash and has 30-UPF sun protection
  • Vents in upper torso allows for quick dry comfort
  • Mechanical stretch in the fabric allows for greater comfort when casting
  • 2.25-oz 52% nylon/48% polyester, with mechanical stretch and 30-UPF sun protection
  • 204 g (7.2 oz)
  • Made in China.
Sun Protection

Lacking fur, feathers or scales, we humans have to think up clever ways to protect ourselves from the sun. Products with the UPF designation provide built-in sun protection that won’t wear off.

UPF stands for “Ultraviolet Protection Factor.” This value represents the fractional amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays that pass through a fabric. A rating of “25” indicates that only 1/25th , or 4% of the UV rays pass through the garment.

Patagonia products with rated UPF protection are tested independently to meet Australia/New Zealand or AATCC protocols. A rating of 15-24 earns a product a rating of “good”; a rating of 25-39 is ""very good""; and a rating of 40-50+ is “excellent.” *

* When tested in accordance with Australian/New Zealand test methods AS/NZS 4399 or AATCC 183/AS

The Footprint Chronicles®

We promote fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout the Patagonia supply chain.
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