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No Bad Waves: Talking Story with Mickey Muñoz
(hardcover book or eBook)

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In No Bad Waves, published by Patagonia Books®, Mickey Muñoz weaves the story of a California waterman.

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Mickey Muñoz has been called the “surfer's surfer," and is loved and respected among the cognoscenti for his contributions to surfing and the surfing life for the past 60 years as a surfer, a pioneer of Waimea Bay, a stuntman (stand-in for Gidget), a board shaper and designer, and as a sailor and boatbuilder (America's Cup). Mentored by the Malibu greats of the '40s, and an influence on generations of surfers since, in this book published by Patagonia Books, Mickey weaves the story of a California waterman using his own life and that of his friends.


  • Hardcover
  • 175 pages
  • Published by Patagonia Books®
  • 907 g (32 oz)
<i>No Bad Waves: Talking Story with Mickey Muñoz</i><br>(hardcover book or eBook)
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