Patagonia Women's Serenity Leggings  |  $69.00 CAD

  • Patagonia Women\'s Serenity Leggings - Dark Currant DKCT
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Patagonia Women's Serenity Leggings  |  $69.00 CAD

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Patagonia Women's Serenity Leggings

$69.00 CAD
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Color  Dark Currant (DKCT)
Dark Currant (DKCT)

Dark Currant







These Fair Trade Certified™ organic cotton/spandex leggings move with you through poses, workouts or climbs.

Worn with tunics, tops, shirts or under anything, indoors or outdoors—these Fair Trade Certified™ leggings will be the most multipurpose item in your closet, crate or suitcase. Made from soft and supple organic cotton/spandex knit that holds up to poses, drop-knees, lunges and long haul flights. A flat and flattering waistband stays put in bends and squats (and sports a hidden key pocket). Ankle length and formfitting. Inseam is 29". Patagonia pays a premium for Fair Trade Certified clothing that workers can use to improve their communities and elevate their standard of living.
  • Soft organic cotton provides comfort and breathability; spandex provides mobility
  • Wide waistband is flattering and supportive
  • Fitted to the ankle
  • Gusset for mobility and comfort
  • Small hidden pocket in waistband
  • 29" inseam
  • This is a Fair Trade Certified™ Product: Patagonia pays a premium for Fair Trade Certified clothing that workers can use to improve their communities and elevate their standard of living.
  • 9.4-oz 89% organic cotton/11% spandex knit
  • 198 g (7 oz)
  • Made in India.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

In 1996, with an increased awareness of the dangers of pesticide use and synthetic fertilizers in growing conventional cotton, we began the exclusive use of organically grown cotton in all of our cotton products.

The quality of organic cotton is equal to or better than conventionally grown cotton, yet organically grown methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and often use less water. Growing organically takes more time, requires more knowledge and skill, and, for now, costs more. But it’s worth it.

To ensure we are buying cotton that is organic as defined by the USDA’s National Organic Program, we require numerous certificates issued by an accredited third-party certification body for every step of the supply chain, from farm to factories.

Fair Trade Certified™

For every Fair Trade Certified item we buy, we pay a premium. The money goes into an account that is controlled by the workers and is specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects. Workers may choose to use the money to help build a school or a health clinic, create a scholarship or invest in some other aspect of their other community.

The Footprint Chronicles®

We promote fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout the Patagonia supply chain.
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