Cotton is a natural fiber, but conventionally grown cotton is one of the dirtiest crops on the planet. Organic cotton is farmed without the usual mix of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, defoliants and fertilizers. It uses non-GMO seeds and leverages nature-based solutions to manage pests and build healthy soil. We’ve used only organic cotton since 1996. Learn more

M's Fezzman Shirt (53962)
End Grain: Bleached Stone (EGBS)
End Grain: Navy Blue (EGNB)
Pfeiffer: Gypsum Green (PGYM)
Pfeiffer: Painter's Blue (PPBU)
Ripplewood: Navy Blue (RPNV)
Ripplewood: Turkish Red (RPTR)
M's Fezzman Shirt $69.00 CAD
M's Impress Shirt (53110)
Flying Fish: Dusk Blue (FYDB)
Kelp: Stone (KLPS)
Reverse Hawaiian: Navy Blue (RHNB)
M's Impress Shirt $79.00 CAD
M's A/C® Hoody (53130)
Arroyo Seco: Navy Blue (AYNV)
Plaskett: Bear Brown (PKBN)
M's A/C® Hoody $139.00 CAD
M's Birdshot Shirt (53195)
Hilltown: Bear Brown (HTBB)
Hilltown: Glass Blue (HTGB)
Thorpe: Navy Blue (THNB)
Thorpe: Bleached Stone (TPBS)
M's Birdshot Shirt $69.00 CAD
M's A/C® Shirt (52921)
White (WHI-725)
Chambray: Gypsum Green (CGPM)
Fallow: Birch White (FABW)
Fallow: Dusk Blue (FADB)
McWay: Gypsum Green (MGYG)
McWay: Skipper Blue (MSIB)
Santa Ana: Peach Sherbet (SAPS)
Santa Ana: Skipper Blue (SASB)
Ventana: Turkish Red (VTKR)
Ventana: Navy Blue (VTNB)
M's A/C® Shirt $95.00 CAD
W's Serenity Skirt (58556)
Black (BLK-155)
Teensy Stripe: Dusk Blue (TNDB)
Teensy Stripe: Gypsum Green (TNGY)
W's Serenity Skirt $69.00 CAD
Piton Icon Visor (38021)
Mayan Yellow (MYYL)
Navy Blue (NVYB)
Trail Green (TRLG)
Piton Icon Visor $29.00 CAD
M's P6 Piqué Polo (53420)
Cochineal Red (COCR)
Emerald (EMRD)
Feather Grey (FEA)
Glass Blue (GLSB)
Navy Blue (NVYB)
Peach Sherbet (PCHS)
Skipper Blue (SKPB)
White (WHI)
M's P6 Piqué Polo $69.00 CAD
M's Go To Shirt (52691)
Agave: Bear Brown (AGBN)
Agave: Glass Blue (AGVB)
Chambray: Camp Green (CCPG)
Chambray: Feather Grey (CHFG)
Chambray: Tyrian Purple (CTYP)
Etchings: Rusted Iron (ECRI)
Etchings: Tailored Grey (ETLG)
Etchings: Navy Blue (ETNV)
Fractal: Gypsum Green (FCGP)
Salinan: Navy Blue (SLBU)
Salinan: Rusted Iron (SNRS)
M's Go To Shirt $79.00 CAD
W's Cloud Stack Hoody (54491)
Feather Grey (FEA)
Ginger Berry (GNGB)
Nettle Green (NETG)
Navy Blue (NVYB)
Tyrian Purple (TRP)
W's Cloud Stack Hoody $119.00 CAD
M's Pataloha® Shirt (52573)
Kebari: Painter's Blue (KEPB)
M's Pataloha® Shirt $119.00 CAD
P6 Trucker Hat (38017)
Big Camo: Leaden Blue (BGLB)
Black (BLK)
Rusted Iron (RIRN)
Skipper Blue (SKPB)
P6 Trucker Hat $35.00 CAD