Find_Away Episode 7: Pemberton Pillows
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Kye Peterson, Eliel Hindert, Pep Fujas and Garrett Grove fight off the cabin fever of never-ending grey days with an equally endless supply of crazy-contoured pillow lines and other powder curiosities in the Whistler, B.C., backcountry. Photo: GARRETT GROVE

Find Away

A lift-served Chamonix puckerfest. Bottomless Shirakawa mega-pow. Skinning close to home in the Three Sisters Wilderness and other backyard secrets too secret to even name.

Whether you're a dedicated local or a hardcore traveler, Find Away is a celebration of what pries us out of the back of the truck in the morning, what coaxes us out of the hut, what keeps us sharp in the off-season and always hungry for just one more ...

Deep squeeze. Riding in the Dolomites gives new meaning to the word slotted. Ryland Bell in Italy. JEFF HAWE
Patagonia Snowboarding Ambassador Ryland Bell

Ryland Bell

High levels of stoke and a hunger for progression go hand in hand for big-mountain rider Ryland Bell. “The run of my life” is not a phrase he throws around lightly, but when you live in Alaska, sometimes the expression applies day after day—something Ryland never tires of or takes for granted. 

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Rider’s-eye view: Looking down the line on Ryland Bell. Haines, Alaska. JEFF HAWE
One good line leads to another. Ryland Bell on Rainbow Peak. Haines, Alaska. JEFF CURLEY