Roch Malnuit

Patagonia Snowboarding Ambassador Roch Malnuit


Lyon, France


Chamonix, France

Patagonia Snowboard Ambassador Roch Malnuit
A seasoned snowboarder, mountaineer and BASE Jumper, Roch often starts his morning with a wingsuit flight above his home in Chamonix, France. He designs and builds his own custom gear and prefers living a varied life – steep snowboarding one day, BASE jumping another day. Roch finds his motivation not from one specific discipline, but from the variety of activities available to him in the mountains.

Career Highlights

  • First BASE jump of Trident du Tacul, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  • First BASE jump of la Vierge, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  • Second BASE jump of Grand Capucin after ascent of Elixir d’Astaroth, Mont Blanc Massif, France
  • BASE jump from the Mushroom on the North Face of the Eiger, Switzerland
    Solo ascent of Supercouloir, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Chamonix, France
  • Fourth ascent (second ascent in alpine style) of Latok III, Karakoram Mountains Range, Pakistan
  • First snowboard descent of the Y Couloir, Aiguille Verte, Mount Blanc Massif, France
  • Snowboarded three descents on Aiguille du Midi in a day – Voie Mallory, Couloir Eugster, and the Col du Plan