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Hetch Hetchy Valley before the construction of O’Shaughnessy Dam in the early 1920s. Yosemite National Park, California. Yosemite NPS Library

Environmentalism: Our Common Waters

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We’ve learned over the years that along with educating ourselves about environmental issues comes the responsibility to take action. Here are four urgent actions related to freshwater scarcity that need your support.

International Rivers
A multi-national energy scheme to construct five huge dams in one of Chile’s wildest regions – the region that inspired our company’s name– was approved in May, 2011, but critics charge that the approval process was marred by a flawed environmental impact assessment, and serious conflicts of interest on the part of commission members.
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Patagonia senza dighe
Patagonia Europe supports the Rome-based organization CRBM - Mani Tese, which, since 2008, has protested HidroAysén because it is dangerous, obsolete and unnecessary.
Click on this link to ask ENEL's CEO Fulvio Conti to immediately suspend ENEL's participation in the HidroAysén project.

National Geographic's Water Footprint Calculator
Nearly 95 percent of your water footprint is hidden in the food you eat, the energy you use, and the products and services you rely on. Get a clear picture of your water use with National Geographic’s Water Footprint Calculator.

M's Free The Rivers T-Shirt

Five dollars from the full price sale of each "Free The Rivers" 100% organic cotton T-shirt sold now will go to International Rivers as part of Patagonia’s Our Common Waters campaign.

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