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Patagonia Canvas Bag

20,00 €
Style No. 59295
Not just a market bag, it's a road trip bag, too, holding everything from water bottles and snacks to dog toys and beach towels – and it's made of 100% organic cotton canvas.

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Product Information
Not only can it carry its share of the weight in the "Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle" movement, the Canvas Bag also features fun-loving graphics (by Geoff McFetridge, Justin Atallian and Peet Kegler Design) designed to carry the message. The roomy tote keeps all of your favorite go-to essentials close at hand and is made from beefy 10-oz organic cotton fabric that's sturdy and abrasion resistant.


  • Rugged organic cotton canvas
  • Artist: Peet Kegler Design - Live Simply® Waterfall
  • Artist: Geoff McFetridge - Fitz Roy Van
  • Artist: Justin Atallian - Surf Spots
  • 10-oz 100% organic cotton canvas
  • 198 g (7 oz)
  • Made in USA.


Organic cotton
Organic cotton is produced using techniques that are healthy and safe for the environment and the people who work and live near the fields where it’s grown. Organic cotton is never grown with synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or defoliants, nor is it genetically modified in any way.

Patagonia Canvas Bag
Surf Spots: Natural (SFNT-339)
Woven Label Logo: Natural (WLN-168) Fitz Roy Van: Natural (FZVN-337) Live Simply Waterfall: Natural (LSWN-338) Surf Spots: Natural (SFNT-339)
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