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Patagonia Snowboarding Ambassador Sten Smola
Patagonia Snowboard Ambassador Sten Smola

Sten Smola

Biel/Bienne (Switzerland)
Goms (Winter), Swiss Alps
An obsessed snowboarder, Sten’s been searching out the perfect line for 15 years. He spends his winters in snow, exploring the Alps and reveling in the wilderness. His goal isn’t just extreme rides, but also creating memorable experiences while gaining an intimate knowledge of the mountains. Committed to minimizing his Co2 emissions, Sten relies on public transportation and his own legs for snowboarding access.
Career Highlights
  • 2011: Foundation of Ride Greener, a climate education campaign for winter sport athletes (
  • 2010: Foundation of the first CO2 neutral snowboard adventure "Spatial Experience" (
  • 2005-2012: Various Expeditions in the Alps on the search for hidden pearls and first descents (Goms, Val Bedretto, Bergell, Etzlital, Valle Stura etc.)
  • From 2001-2005 made numerous expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere to Argentina, Patagonia, Chile
  • From 2005-2013 made numerous first descents in the Alps
  • Featured in STEPS the first climate-friendly ski and snowboard film
  • Established the Spatial Experience foundation to promote CO2 neutral snowboarding adventure