Kepa Acero

Surfing Ambassador


Algorta, Basque Country, Spain


Algorta, Basque Country, Spain

Ambassador Patagonia per il surf Kepa Acero
Even though Kepa was traveling the world on the WQS Tour, he felt his life was missing something. So he switched gears. Rather than focus on just one of his interests, he decided to devote time to other aspects of his life too. Kepa purchased a camera, bought an around-the-world plane ticket, and set off to document the people, culture and waves he encountered on his travels.

Career Highlights

  • European Junior Champion, 1998
  • 4 years in the top 10 European circuit rating
  • Completed his Five Waves, 5 Continents surfing tour around the world, 2010
  • Completed his The last Frontier solo project, exploring waves from Alaska to Patagonia, 2011