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The Footprint Chronicles
The Footprint Chronicles® examines Patagonia’s life and habits as a company. The goal is to use transparency about our supply chain to help us reduce our adverse social and environmental impacts – and on an industrial scale. We’ve been in business long enough to know that when we can reduce or eliminate a harm, other businesses will be eager to follow suit.
The Footprint Chronicles

Responsibly Sourced Merino

New Growth in the Grasslands of PatagoniaLearn about our groundbreaking partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI to promote sustainable grazing practices in the Patagonia region and produce the finest merino wool.

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The Lowdown on Down: Our Down Supply Chain

The Lowdown on DownWe want to give our customers the highest assurance possible that the geese that supply us with down are treated humanely. To that end, over the last several years, we have been working to develop both short-term and long-term alternatives to the use of down from live-plucked or force-fed birds. Here is a timeline of our examination of the Patagonia down supply chain.

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Organic Cotton – Grown in the USA

Organic Cotton - Grown in the USAFounding members of the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative remember what it was like to take the risk to go organic almost two decades ago, while newer members look ahead at the future of organic cotton.

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Changing Ports Pays Dividends

Changing Ports Pays DividendsWe used to ship our products made in Asia to the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, then bring them to our distribution center in Ventura, Calif., by truck. In 1997, we moved our distribution center to Reno, Nevada, but kept shipping everything into LA. In 2011, we took a long overdue look at our transportation network and discovered a simple way to save money and carbon emissions, and become more efficient.

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Trupart Mfg. Inc.: Family Owned, Made in USA

Trupart Mfg. Inc.Before we started producing clothing and gear, Patagonia made climbing hardware. So working with Trupart – a metal shop – is kind of a return to our roots. Our founder, Yvon Chouinard, searched out the factory himself to produce his invention – the River Crampon. He knows his way around a metal shop and is a stickler for quality. Trupart measures up.

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