Visions of the Arctic

This year, we’re collaborating with Earthjustice and renowned photographer, Florian Schulz, to protect the Arctic wilderness. Arctic wildlife and wild lands need our help now!

Few places are as controversial and misunderstood as the Arctic. For some, it conjures images of a distant, icy land sparsely inhabited by polar bears, walruses, and fur-cloaked people—beautiful, but removed from our everyday lives. For others, it’s a frozen wasteland devoid of life but rich in oil, a place to exploit and extract at will.

In truth, the Arctic is a diverse landscape, filled with life. Here, caribou in the hundreds of thousands still embark on epic migrations across mighty rivers, mountains, and coastal plains. Inupiat, Inuit and Yupik peoples live throughout the Arctic region, in complex societies that have adapted to the challenging environment. Unique native species like the muskoxen and arctic fox thrive in the harshest cold-weather conditions. The Wetlands, lakes and oceans teem with life, supporting whales, polar bears, and seals. Millions of migratory birds, from sandpipers to arctic terns, rely on the region for their survival.

But things are changing rapidly in the Arctic. Oil companies are planning new developments in the Chuckchi and Beaufort Seas, two key marine habitats. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the subject of our 2007 campaign, is under consistent pressure from potential oil and gas development. And, perhaps most alarming, climate change and rising temperatures bring potential for a whole range of negative effects, from the extinction of species like polar bear to global temperature and sea level changes.

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