Exceptionally soft, naturally breathable and warm even when wet, merino wool regulates your body temperature, has a great warmth-to-weight ratio, naturally controls odor and stretches as you move. Our merino wool is sustainably sourced from the grasslands of Patagonia. We slow wash it for softness and shrink-resistance without the use of chlorine, a chemical that can produce harmful toxins depending on how it us used. We blend merino wool with all-recycled polyester for durability, wicking and faster dry times that’s unmatched by 100% merino clothing.

Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of merino fabrications, including the use of 100% merino wool in our Performance Baselayer line for a time. Despite a high level of comfort in the finished garments, the durability of 100% merino garments did not meet our quality standards. This forced us to ask if we were living up to our mission to build the highest quality products and do no unnecessary harm (building products that can’t take a beating requires continued production of new products, instead of fewer products better made). By blending recycled polyester into our finished merino garments, we were able to dramatically increase durability.

There are other benefits, too. Our wool/polyester blend boosts the wicking function of the fabric and reduces overall dry times. The resulting garment provides higher performance in the field, is less fussy to care for and remains exceptionally soft against the skin, naturally odor resistant and machine washable. Our merino baselayer fabrics are bluesign® approved, ensuring the highest level of consumer safety by employing methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment.

We make our Merino Wool Baselayers in three different weights for different levels of exertion and temperatures.

Merino 1 Silkweight is our lightest weight merino baselayer. Merino 1 Silkweight keeps you cool, dry and comfortable in warm-to-hot conditions. Merino 1 is made from a 65% merino wool/35% Capilene® fiber blend.

Merino 2 Lightweight is our most versatile merino baselayer. Merino 2 Lightweight keeps you warm and comfortable during active pursuits in cool to cold conditions. Merino 2 tops are is made from an 80% merino wool/20% Capilene® fiber blend; Merino 2 bottoms are made from a 77% merino wool/5% spandex/18% Capilene fiber blend.

Merino 3 Midweight is our go-to cold-weather merino baselayer. Merino 3 Midweight keeps you warm and comfortable during active pursuits in cold conditions. Merino 3 tops are made from an 80% merino wool/20% Capilene® fiber blend; Merino 3 bottoms are made from a 78% merino wool/3% spandex/19% Capilene fiber blend.