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Buffalo Jerky and the Grasslands

This is Buffalo

The fact that samples of our Buffalo Jerky disappear faster than we can get them into the office is testament to their delicious, savory flavor and hearty texture. But we’re just as excited about the conservation role our partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo plays in the Great Plains.
By supporting ranches raising free-roaming, grass-fed buffalo, we’re helping native grasses—and all the species that depend on them—recover. In other words, our Buffalo Jerky is food you can feel good about, in more ways than one.

Buffalo Jerky

Made from American bison that roam and graze freely on the open prairie, our Buffalo Jerky tastes exactly as it should—pure, robust and delicious. The 100% grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free buffalo is lightly seasoned and dried for a flavorful, hearty snack that’s both portable and nutritious. The unopened package requires no refrigeration and is backpack, boat bag and shelf stable for one year. We love this jerky as a convenient, tasty snack on the go, or as a satisfying supplement to camp meals.

Provisions Buffalo Jerky - 6 Pack Provisions Buffalo Jerky - 6 Pack
Patagonia Provisions Soups
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Soup Origins

Soup: The Ideal Food

Soups have been a vital part of nearly every food culture since humans first learned to harness fire and craft cooking vessels. And why not? Soups provide a unique combination of warmth, hydration and the ability to capture the nutrients and flavors of mixed ingredients—all in one bowl. No wonder we love soup.

But not just any soup. We wanted to create delicious soups that are good in every way. So our wholesome, meat- and dairy-free soups are made only with certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, using flavorful recipes created by our favorite chefs. From the exceptional energy provided by steamed-then-roasted whole grain in our Tsampa Soup to the plant-based protein, iron and fiber of legumes in our Black Bean Soup, we’re excited to share foods that are good for both the human body and our planet. Add in the convenience of easy storage, portability and fast cook times, and you have the perfect solution for satisfying meals at home, on the trail, or in camp. To us, that’s ideal food.

Patagonia Provisions Salmon Sourcing - Yakutat, Alaska
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Salmon Sourcing Yakutat, Alaska

This is Wild Salmon

Our Wild sockeye salmon, fresh from the icy waters of the North Pacific, comes only from abundant, sustainable runs and is harvested in specific migration routes to avoid harming less abundant species. This careful sourcing reflects our work with salmon conservation organizations and select fishermen and processors to make positive changes within the industry.

But the true test lies in the taste. We’ve worked with our favorite chefs to create the kind of delicious, wholesome food we like to share with friends on the trail and at home.

In other words, this is good food. For you and the planet.

Patagonia Provisions Almond Fruit Bars
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Organic Fruit + Almond Bars

Food as Fuel

After years of eating hundreds of different “energy” bars, we found they generally fell into two categories: good for you or good tasting. We wanted both. So we started from scratch, working with our favorite chefs and nutrition experts to develop a bar that was delicious and nutritious.

What we came up with is simple, pure food—just organic fruit, nuts, seeds and juice—compressed into a convenient, highly portable form. No artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, preservatives, coloring, chemical supplements, MSG or GMO ingredients. These chunky, chewy bars provide natural energy plus the extra nutritional benefits of chia and baobab. Our Organic Fruit + Almond Bars also support more sustainable agriculture, making them good food by any measure.

Patagonia Provisions

The Full Meal Deal

Visit to learn more about the food we offer and what makes us different. Find delicious recipes from guest chefs, shop our robust dry goods section and give a Provisions gift card.