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  • $29.00
    For repairs in the field, our Expedition Sewing Kit (with carrying case) equips you with everything from a 7075 aluminum alloy awl to thread in ten colors.
  • $9.00
    Specifically formulated for washing wool garments. Gentle cleaning action removes dirt and odors; contains cedar extracts.
  • $9.00
    Specifically formulated for use on all natural down and synthetic filled clothing, sleeping bags and comforters - it helps maintain loft and reduces odors without stripping away natural oils.
  • $9.00
    The perfect way to clean your technical outdoor garments – and an important first step in effectively waterproofing your kit. Formulated especially for cleaning technical garments, it cleans, removes odors, boosts breathability and helps maintain water repellency. Provides garment with a clean residue-free base for optimal re-proofing.