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Alternative Energy

Our dependence on non-renewable energy is placing us in serious jeopardy. Climate change, global warming and an increasingly degraded environment are realities we urgently need to address. Clean, sustainable sources of energy already exist. The challenges to increasing their use are more political than logistical. These organizations are working to bridge this gap.

Total given in this category in fiscal year 2013: $73,263

Cycle Toronto
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 307
Toronto, Ontario M5S2R4 Canada
T: 4166447188

Grant Amount:$1,740.00

Cycle Toronto promotes a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city through outreach events and workshops that educate people and empower them to engage in public processes around cycling issues.

Ecologistas en Acci�n
Marques de Legan�s 12
Madrid, Madrid 28004 Spain
T: 34915312739

Grant Amount:$8,000.00

A federation of more than 300 ecological groups in Spain, Ecologistas en Acci�n fights the present model of production and consumption through campaigns that counter biodiversity loss, climate change and the deepening of social inequity.

Bicycle Kitchen/Bici Cocina
706 Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles, California 90027 United States
T: 3236622776

Grant Amount:$567.00

Bicycle Kitchen/Bici Cocina promotes the bicycle as a fun, safe and accessible form of transportation that can improve the health of urban communities in Los Angeles.

Energy Independence Now
714 Bond Avenue
Santa Barbara, California 93103 United States
T: 8058993399

Grant Amount:$8,000.00

Energy Independence Now develops innovative, action-oriented solutions to catalyze a rapid transition to a clean, renewable energy and transportation economy in California through policy, advocacy and research.

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