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Water, the resource upon which all life depends, covers almost three-quarters of the planet . Throughout the history of the natural world, water sources have been the centers of life, providing habitat and sustenance for animals and plants alike. The groups that follow are doing important work to protect our waters – rivers, oceans, wetlands, aquifers and vernal pools – from the destructive effects of damming, diversion, development and pollution.

Total given in this category in fiscal year 2013: $1,257,738

Western North Carolina Alliance
29 N. Market Street, Suite 610
Asheville, North Carolina 28801-2924 United States
T: 8282588737

Grant Amount:$9,500.00

The Western North Carolina Alliance marshals grassroots support to keep forests healthy, air and water clean, and communities vibrant through a combination of policy advocacy, scientific research and community collaboration.

White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance
P.O. Box 358
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28541-0358 United States
T: 9103821370

Grant Amount:$11,000.00

The White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance restores and protects the White Oak and New rivers through advocacy, environmental law enforcement, public education and citizen ownership and responsibility initiatives.

Yadkin Riverkeeper
308 Patterson Avenue
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27101-4128 United States
T: 3367224949

Grant Amount:$7,000.00

Yadkin Riverkeeper exists to safeguard and improve North Carolina�s Yadkin Pee Dee River basin and to engage citizens in clean water issues through education, advocacy and action campaigns.

Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities
720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3576 United States
T: 5135638800

Grant Amount:$8,000.00

This group helps protect and enhance southwest Ohio�s Mill Creek and its tributaries through initiatives that improve stream health and water quality, reduce flood damage and manage storm water.

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