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Patagonia Gladiodor Odor Control

Climbing, skiing, running: at some point you’re going to sweat, and at some point you’re going to stink. There was a time when body odor was considered a natural byproduct of exertion, something to be expected, even celebrated, but those days are gone for most people. Odor control has become de rigueur for technical knits in the outdoor clothing marketplace. Gladiodor garment odor control is our solution.

Sweat does not stink. The bacteria that grow on our skin or the clothing we wear are what cause odor. These bacteria convert the sweat and oils from skin into a complex mixture of chemical compounds that lead to unpleasant odors. Gladiodor technology reduces the odor on a garment in a couple different ways. One method uses molecular “spears” to puncture the cellular wall of the bacteria, effectively killing it. The other method adsorbs odor-causing chemical compounds inside the pores of carbon particles. Gladiodor treatments are thoroughly tested for functionality, initially and after washing. To pass our lab testing, the treatment must be effective after 50 washes.

Capilene® Baselayers

We use Gladiodor Garment Odor Control on our new Capilene Baselayers. Capilene baselayers keep you dry and comfortable by wicking perspiration away from your skin.

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Garments with Gladiodor Garment Odor Control

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