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The Whites of His Eyes

Brittany Anne Griffith (BAG)
Winter 2006

“Kevin wants to know if you want to ride Mount Currie today,” JD said from across the sunbathed deck. I squinted up at the massive peak that I was fairly certain was Mount Currie.

“Uh, sure,” I replied dumbly. It was after lunch and I couldn’t fathom how we were going to have time for the hike and the descent.

JD tossed the phone, shoved one last potato dumpling into his gob, rose from the deck chair flaunting his tree-trunk legs under boxer shorts and, in a monotone voice, said, “He’ll be home at two. We’ll go then.”

TWO?! Certainly he meant 2 a.m., in which case I would be imbibing during last call, not hiking up a mountain. Crazy Canadians, I thought.

Sure enough, Kevin’s truck growled into the driveway promptly at 2 p.m. “Ya ready, BAG?” he said, grinning behind aviator glasses as he peeled an orange and casually tossed his board in the back.

About the Author

Since her little tumble, Patagonia Climbing Ambassador Brittany Griffith still struggles to achieve snowboard “shredder” status, has gotten mauled 10 times worse learning to surf and has logged an estimated 239,751 frequent-flyer miles, zero of which have been in a helicopter.

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