Field Reports Archive

Since 1990, Patagonia field reports have offered intense glimpses of nature’s front lines through the eyes of athletes, travelers and adventurers. Covering the diverse ground between geography lesson, sport journal and anecdotal meandering, these essays all share a passion for life. A passion we tap into whenever possible and celebrate time and again by sharing our stories with others. We hope that reading these essays provides you with insight, amusement and inspiration for journeys near and far, engaging in the environment and exploring your comfort zone. We’ll be adding to this collection throughout the seasons, so be sure to check back for more.

Summer 2013
Double Down by Dan Malloy

Na Wahine O Ke Kai by Debbie Miles-Dutton

Spring 2013
Endless by Tommy Caldwell

Alpine 2012
Why We Go by Kate Rutherford

Spring 2010
Out of Mud and Hail by John Long
Climbing in the Valley: A Conversation with Ron Kauk
I Didn't Dare Fall by Lynn Hill
Sandbagged by the Stonemasters by Maria Cranor

Heart of Winter 2010
Bread Crumbs in the Dark by Katie Ives
Unroped by Barry Blanchard

Hoilday 2009
Marrow of the Bone by Mason Jennings
Reñihué by Jeff Johnson
The Inspiration Behind the Upcoming Film 180° South by Chris Malloy

Fall 2009
The Slovak Direct, Denali’s South Face, with Scott Backes and Mark Twight by Steve House
Alpine Umbrella by Kate Rutherford

Kids' Fall 2009
Top of a Better World by Sophie Mckibben

Late Summer 2009
Reef Err Madness by Don Roberts
The Indignity of it All by Zoe Hart

Summer 2009
Cloudburst by Liz Clark
Going Coastal by George Weetman

Spring 2009 - Classic Climbs
Hotline, Yosemite by Ron Kauk
Zap Crack, Squamish by Jasmin Caton
Vandals, Shawangunks by Russ Clune
The Nose. High Exposure. Pinch Overhang. by Michael Kennedy
Ahab, Yosemite by Nicolas Favresse
Aguja Guillaumet, Chalten by Rolando Garibotti

Heart of Winter 2009
Backyard Gems by Brian Mohr
Thrown by Elissa Pfost

Holiday 2008
Home by Jeff Johnson

Kids' Fall 2008
Morning People by Heather Sterling

Winter 2008
The Diamond Gamble by Kitty Calhoun
Chasing Glaciers by Alison Gannett

Fall 2008
Simplicity Refined by Steve House
Clinging to an Ideal by Barry Blanchard
Torre Traverse by Rolando Garibotti

Late Summer 2008
Eyes Wide-Open by Eric DeCaria
Yellow Crack Direct by Lynn Hill
The Canvas by Sonnie Trotter
Beyond the Curtain by Henry Barber

Summer 2008
Swimming with Hammerheads by Carlos Eyles
Reaching Land by Liz Clark
The Best Laid Plans... by John Dutton

Spring 2008
Shared Sweat by Rolando Garibotti

Holiday 2007
From Sheperd to Park Ranger in Patagonia by Daniel Velasquez
From Pulling Fence to Enlightenment by Rob Bon Durant

Winter 2007
Point of Contact by Fitz Cahall
Into the Rime by Kelly Cordes

Fall 2007
Balance by Todd Tanner

Kids' Fall 2007
The Little Things by Dylan Tomine

Late Summer 2007
Fun for the whole family: Free soloing madness in Siberia by Jonathan Thesenga
Letting Go by Jeff Johnson

Summer 2007
What's Next by Joey Cabell
The Wahines of Moa “E” Ku by Terry Galpin
Hana Hou by Kendall Struxness

Surfer Magazine Ad Spring 2007
Not a Soul in Sight by Malcolm Johnson

Heart of Winter 2007
Spoonsful of Limestone by Zoe J. Hart
Open Bivy by Sarah Garlick
Ate Weight by Walt Bailey
A Window of Clarity by Fitz Cahall
WAP #96 by Amy Waeschle

Holiday 2006
The Embrace by Rolando Garibotti
Wild South by Rick Ridgeway

Winter 2006
The Whites of His Eyes by Brittany Anne Griffith (BAG)

Fall 2006
Point of No Return by Vince Anderson
The Naked Mountain by Steve House

Kids' Fall 2006
40 Winks by Dylan Tomine

Summer 2006
Always There by Jeff Johnson
Arctic Ale by Majka Burhardt

Surf 2006
The Cleanest Line by Chris Malloy
A First Time at Pipeline by Gerry Lopez
Swells of Hope by Belinda Baggs

Spring 2006
Doing the Dirty Work by Emilee Lee
Piojos by Matt Samet
In the Wake of the Jomon by Jon Turk

Fly Fishing Catalog 2006
A Shake of the Head by John Dutton
Silver Lining by Dylan Tomine

Heart of Winter 2006
Tapping into the Soul by Eric Blehm

Holiday 2005
Chasing Winter by Traci Joan Macnamara
Bad Idea by Jonathan Thesenga
Home for the Holidays by Amy Stanfield

Winter 2005
Les Droites by Jonathan Copp
Leap Frog by Leslie Ross
It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This by Steve Ogle

Late Fall 2005
Potty Talk by Fitz Cahall
Last Run by Susie Sutphin

Fall 2005
Tying In by Kelly Cordes
The Last Laugh by Gerry Lopez

Kids' Fall 2005
Dark Water by Stuart Ruckman

Late Summer 2005
Night Bathing by Amy Waeschle
Solo Paddle by Chuck Graham

Summer 2005
Conejo by Scott Sadil
Incident at Eke Moku by Gerry Lopez
Smaller Summits by Ray Aberle
Songs of the Ice by Stephanie Harold
Time Out by Elissa Pfost

Spring 2005
Lost on Adrenaline by Craig Holloway
La Refrita by Steve King
Blessed be the Kayakers by Jeff Tilly

Heart of Winter 2005
Perverse Traverse by Mark Twight
Alaska on Ice by Adam Chamberlain

Holiday 2004
The Sound of Promise by Stuart Ruckman
Lost in Lesotho by Alison Gannett

Winter 2004
The Unintentional Heli-Skiing... by Jake Bogoch
Amidst the Madness by Lindsay Yaw
Getting Out by Barry Blanchard

Late Fall 2004
Crossing Over by Heather Sterling

Fall 2004
Pisco Dreams by Jerry Roberts