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Steve Madewell

The thermometer read 12 degrees. Not exactly the ideal temperature for fishing. When it comes to steelheading your plan has to be flexible. With the temps this low I knew I would have to use every option.

I was a guide for a steelhead outing for a group from Patagonia, and the plan was to pick up Bill Klyn, work a small creek for a couple hours, then head for the Grand River and bounce our way upstream. Unfortunately, the cold was a problem on the little creek. Shelf ice was rapidly building and flow ice made it difficult to get the line to sink. An accidental cast onto the shelf ice meant the fly would immediately freeze in place.

Until the day warmed up, the creek wasn’t the place to fish. Time to be flexible and try another option. We moved onto the Grand, where the water would be slightly warmer and the flow and shelf ice would be minimal.

About the Author
In addition to the occasional guiding gig, Steve Madewell is a performing singer/song writer who happens to be the Deputy Director of Lake Metroparks. He has been directly involved with purchasing a lot of steelhead stream frontage for public access in Ohio.