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Patagonia: Recycled Polyester Fibers
Photo: Courtesy of Teijin Fibers LTD.

To us, quality means more than how a garment looks or functions: It also includes the way it affects the environment and our quality of life. This means working to source materials and develop processes that minimize damage to the environment.

In 1993, we adopted fleece into our product line made from post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic soda bottles. We were the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to do so. PCR® clothing was a positive step towards a more sustainable system – one that uses fewer resources, discards less and better protects people’s health.

Today, we’re able to utilize more sources for recycled polyester and offer it on more garments such as Capilene® baselayers, shell jackets, board shorts, and fleece. We now recycle used soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste, and worn out garments (including our own) into polyester fibers to produce many of our clothes.

Using recycled polyester lessens our dependence on petroleum as a raw material source. It curbs discards, thereby prolonging landfill life and reducing toxic emissions from incinerators. It helps promote new recycling streams for polyester clothing that is no longer wearable. And it causes less air, water, and soil contamination compared to using non-recycled polyester.

Join us in the Common Threads Initiative

We agree to build useful things that last, to repair what breaks and recycle what comes to the end of its useful life. You agree to buy only what you need (and will last), repair what breaks, reuse (sell or share) what you no longer need and recycle everything else. Together we can reduce our environmental footprints.

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