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Morning People

by Heather Sterling
Kids' Fall 2008

It’s early morning and our pre-dawn bedroom is see-your-breath freezing. But I’m curled up with my daughter Lily, snug in our cozy nest of blankets. I’m in that happy place between dreaming and waking. A habitual late-riser, I relish long, lazy mornings. I love adventure, I just prefer to initiate it after 9:00 a.m. and a good dose of caffeine.

Suddenly, I am aware of him; my husband John. I open one eye and see him standing in the doorway, fully dressed for the day that I now remember we have planned to spend backcountry skiing. I suspect that the tea has been brewed and the car already loaded. My brow furrows and dark thoughts cloud my groggy mind.

I turn to Lily, seeking an ally. But she takes one look at John and bursts into a huge gummy smile. Showing off all four of her pearly whites, she wiggles toward the edge of the bed. Traitor! She throws her arms up to her Papa, clearly game for whatever adventure is thrown her way. John scoops Lily up and heads downstairs to swaddle her in layers of fleece and down.

About the Author
Heather Sterling lives with her family in Bend, Oregon. In a twist of fate, her younger child Ian prefers to rise at the crack of late morning.