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I Just Want to be Held

by Kelly Cordes
Heart of Winter 2010

A mess of gear lay strewn before us in Pakistan’s Charakusa Valley. Too much stuff. I stared 8,000 feet up at K7, where we would soon receive a righteous ass-whuppin’, then looked at Scott DeCapio and fluttered my big doe eyes.

“What do you think about bringing just one sleeping bag?” I asked.

My desire to go light comes down to one primary thing: laziness. I hate carrying a heavy pack. I’ll sometimes go to absurd ends to avoid it, which leaves me shivering on some godforsaken mountainside, cuddling with a swarthy dude for warmth before rapping off feeling ashamed and confused.

For all of the chest-thumping “single-push” and “light-and-fast” bravado – something I know well – an unlikely link exists between this decidedly macho endeavor and the decidedly un-macho act of snuggling up with another dude. You know, the ManSpoon.

About the Author
Patagonia alpine ambassador Kelly Cordes lives in Estes Park, CO, where he works as a writer and senior editor of the American Alpine Journal, and continues to work on his big doe eyes.