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Job Title: Store Operations Manager
Reports to: Retail Area Manager
Location: Chicago Mag Mile, IL
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General Summary:
This position is responsible for the general oversight of the store operations in the absence of the Area Manager (functionally over 60% of the time), ensuring the efficient and effective operational performance of the Patagonia store. Working together with the Area Manager this position will manage the store consistent with the short and long-term interests of the company, its employees, and the local environment in which we work. The Store Operations Manager will support customer service and sales goals and ensure the store operates to uphold our company’s mission.

Essential Job Functions:

Customer Service and Sales
o Operations Manager should be one of the strongest salespeople in the store, and set standards of excellence.
o Encourage and expect store staff to sell to customers using Selling by Servicing Needs philosophy. Track product across channels to create seamless customer experience. Make customers, not just sales.
o Ensure that our stores are a place where the word “no” does not exist.
o Train staff on warranty, including positive business impact of accepting returned products, and empower them to do everything necessary to satisfy the customer.

o Communicate with the Area Manager daily, including written and verbal communication on status of projects. Communicate with Regional Manager when appropriate.
o Work with Area Manager to ensure that morning meetings are held daily, conduct weekly meetings to cover larger issues and assist manager in regular store meetings with entire staff present.
o Maintain open and positive communication with all divisions of the company.
o Communicate company mission and all policies and procedures and with all employees.

Store Planning/Inventory
o Assume responsibility for opening and closing the store and securing all assets.
o Order supplies. Work with store Shipper/Receiver to ensure that the store is adequately stocked with all necessary supplies of running the business.
o Assist the Area Manager in maintaining the budget binder with all required information.
o Review selective ledger with the Area Manager.
o Use all logs and spreadsheets provided by the company.
o Ensure a clean and well-organized back stock area is maintained by the shipper/receiver. Conduct regular meetings with the shipper to ensure the back stock area remains well organized even during the seasonal dm flip timeframe.
o Coordinate physical inventories annually by scheduling and overseeing the inventory process in your store.
o Follow the instructions of Patagonia Retail Services specific to inventory control: paperwork flow, timeliness of reporting receipt of goods, inventory transfers and other related inventory matters. Maintain acceptable inventory shrinkage measured as a percentage of sales.
o Communicate with PRS regarding inventory levels and needs of the store.
o Create weekly schedule that keeps salaries and wages as appropriate percentage of sales. Keep overtime expenses as close to zero as possible. Overtime must not exceed 2% of total wages for the store.
o Review store fiscal goals with the Area Manager.

o Assist the Area Manager in hiring store employees who pursue passions that relate to our products and philosophy.
o Work with the Area Manager to identify employees who are interested in long-term career development with the company.
o Assist with the new hire training for each employee using the New Hire Training Program.
o Ensure that each person is contributing to the productivity of the store.
o Schedule to ensure highest level of customer service.
o Ensure that all time off requests meet needs of store before approval.
o Work with the Area Manager to maintain regular and seasonal employees at approved levels.
o Communicate with Area Manager, Regional Manager, and HR representatives regularly on employee relations issues and non-compliance issues.
o Ensure that the store is free of any kind of discrimination or harassment and work to create an atmosphere that is comfortable to all employees and customers.
o Assist the Area Manager to continually monitor and evaluate staff performance; participate in the employee performance evaluation process.
o Implement company disciplinary policies when necessary. Recognize outstanding employee performance daily, weekly, and monthly.
o Assist the Area Manager in the completion of all necessary HR forms and employee paperwork.

Leadership and Training
o Represent the company positively with all employees, vendors, and customers.
o Must be present during busiest times, including weekends and holidays.
o Conduct regular trainings.
o With Area Manager set store non-negotiable standards for the store, and train the employees on these standards.
o Develop and recognize a pool of potential store managers/supervisors to meet the long-range retail and company objectives.
o Provide an “open door” policy where employees are free to express their concerns and feelings without fear of retribution or ill will.
o Provide all staff with consistent verbal feedback on sales floor performance. Offer coaching as necessary to bring performance up to company and/or store standards.
o Schedule and conduct regular “floor leader” meetings that focus on continual training and development of store leadership team.

o Maintain store presentation according to retail store standards.
o Support store merchandising plan.

o Create stores that are centers for the community. Aggressively educate employees and customers on our company mission, environmental, social and political issues.
o Help the store identify appropriate tithing recipients using environmental programs coordinator as resource. Work to align ourselves with small grassroots groups that focus on direct action.
o Educate self and staff on global and local issues. Get actively involved.
o Ensure we “walk our talk” by operating stores that are environmentally responsible by recycling, conserving energy and using alternative modes of transportation.

Legal Compliance/Safety and Maintenance
o Ensure that the store is in compliance with all State and Federal employment laws, including: wage and hour, human rights, equal employment opportunities, and posting of all appropriate notices.
o Maintain safe working conditions for employees and customers. Resolve safety concerns quickly.
o Assist the Area Manager to monitor capital expenses budget to ensure that the store is properly maintained and upgraded to meet the high standards that reflect the GPIW image.
o Ensure store security from internal and external theft and know proper apprehension and prosecution procedures for your state.
o Follow company safety procedures.
o Regularly inform staff of emergency plans

Other Job Functions:
o Assume management responsibilities when manager is out of the store.
o Perform additional duties as assigned by the Area Manager.

Physical Requirements:
o Ability to stand/walk for extended periods of time, necessary to provide sales floor coverage related to customer service and loss prevention.
o Ability to reach overhead, bend, squat, kneel, and carry product, necessary for customer service, inventory re-stock, and store merchandising.
o Ability to walk up and down staircase, carrying boxes, product, and other necessary store related items.
o Ability to perform store maintenance items: sweep, vacuum, empty trash, clean.
o Ability to safely lift boxes up to 55 lbs.
o Comfortable climbing ladders.
o Typical work week is approximately 40 hours - available to work minimum of one weekend day, one opening shift and one closing shift throughout the week.
o Some travel required.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
o Two years experience in retail store management.
o Demonstrated ability to build effective teams and motivate employees.
o Willingness to set and maintain high standards of performance.
o Ability to give clear directions and set expectations for staff.
o Knowledge of effective merchandise presentation standards.
o Understanding of basic retail concepts (gross margin, markdowns).
o Excel and Word proficient.
o Strong initiative and leadership skills.
o Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
o Excellent organizational skills.
o Accuracy and attention to detail.
o Flexibility, ability to adapt quickly and react positively to business needs and changes in strategies.
o Strong problem solving skills.
o Patagonia product use/knowledge.
o Surf-specific experience/knowledge required for surf store locations.

Employee Conduct:
It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.

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