It’s easy to list your used Patagonia products in the Used Clothing & Gear section on

READY? Get ready to sell your used Patagonia product.

Register as a seller on eBay and PayPal.
• Choose what used Patagonia product you’d like to sell.
Research your item to price it correctly.
• Prep your photos and description.

SET? Go to and take the Common Threads Initiative Pledge. Then click on “Sell” to list your item. By taking the pledge and joining the Common Threads Initiative, your used Patagonia clothing and gear is now eligible to be listed in the Used Clothing & Gear section on

• Be sure to list in the Clothing, Shoes and Accessories category.
• Choose Patagonia as the brand and “pre-owned” as item condition.

• Sell your used item and ship it.
• Leave feedback for your buyer once the sale is complete.

For step by step selling instructions, visit the eBay Quick Start Guide