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Patagonia Donostia-San Sebastian Store

Welcome to Patagonia Donostia - San Sebastián

The city of San Sebastian, also known as Donostia (it’s Basque translation), is located in one of the best places in Europe for outdoor sports. Located in the Basque Country, the city is surrounded by mountains and faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Climbing, hiking and surfing found their ways here decades ago and continue to grow in popularity. Patagonia San Sebastian is the hub of surf for Patagonia in Europe. It’s the only place you can purchase our signature wetsuits directly from Patagonia. We also carry the entire range of FCD Surfboards.

Our staff is composed of adventurous people, each full of life. We love spending time in the outdoors and practicing the sports we are passionate about: surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and mountaineering. Our passion for sports and the outdoors gives us a lot to talk about and to offer to our clients. Please come visit us.

How to Get Here

Our store is located in the neighborhood of Saguës on the North end of Zurriola Beach, also known as Gros Beach. The parking lot directly in front of the store has metered parking and good access.
It is an important and popular place for people to meet up in the city, especially people of the surfing community.

Local Environmental Activism

For more about the local environmental causes we support go to our local grants page

Local News

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