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Job Title: Retail Projects Manager
Reports to: Manager of PRS
Date: June 2014
Location: Ventura, CA
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General Summary:
The Retail Projects Manager is responsible for managing new projects that directly impact the retail division. The primary responsibility of the role is to provide the infrastructure and processes to support operational and system related projects that provide the customer a remarkable and consistent experience in store, cross store, and cross channel; improve store efficiency; and protect company assets. Depending on the nature of the project, the Retail Projects Manager may interact with PRS, the stores, IT, Accounting, the Director of CRM and Omnichannel Strategy, Planning and Allocation, eCommerce/Mail Order, the Distribution Center, Business Operations, Legal, and outside vendors or may work independently. Projects will change from year to year depending on the department goals, priorities, and needs of the business and may include projects such as: Omnichannel solutions, mobile POS, store security cameras, solution for same day delivery to customers, executing an East Coast distribution center, clienteling, gift bag alternative, paper based gift cards, replacing the traffic counters, more efficient solution to deliver in-store music, leveraging Sharepoint and Lync to streamline communications with the stores, and streamlining process to return product to the DC.

Essential Job Functions:

Project and role definition
o Working with the Director of Retail Operations, project stakeholders, and cross functional teams as necessary, define the project purpose, objectives, deliverables, specifications, timelines, and measures of success.
o For projects heavily weighted towards systems and system integrations, the Retail Project Manager will act as the project sponsor and/or retail representative and provide IT with the items above plus decisions on user defined system set-up preferences and configurations, and prioritization of needs, but IT will project manage the project.
o For projects that have limited to no IT involvement, the Retail Project Manager will project manage the project.

Project management
o Identify resources and needed skill sets for the success of each project and assemble the appropriate project team.
o Clearly communicate the project purpose, objectives, deliverables, specifications, timelines, and measures of success to the project team.
o Collaborating with the project team, detail all issues that must be addressed, define the tasks to be completed, and identify task dependencies and critical dates.
o Clearly define roles and responsibilities for each project team member.
o Set a plan assigning tasks to timelines, assigning project team members to tasks, and clearly communicate the project plan.
o Hold regular meetings with the project team to check on progress, identify and address any present issues, identify and prevent any foreseen potential issues, and adjust and communicate changes to the project plan as needed.
o Communicate regularly with the project stakeholders on the project progress and any material changes made to the project deliverables, specifications or timelines.

o Working with the project team, define the testing plan by identifying what needs to get tested, how it needs to get tested, by whom, and coordination needed in order to execute testing. The testing plan needs to encompass testing of all backend functions, integration with other systems, as well as cover all user based functions.
o Act as and/or identify appropriate customer representative(s) to perform user based testing of the new system/procedure and gather feedback in an organized manner to disseminate back to the project team.
o Collaborate with the project team to address issues discovered during testing.
o When acting as project manager, keep track of all outstanding issues discovered during the testing phase, incorporate the tasks needed to address these issues into the project plan, and communicate plan changes to the project team.

Launch preparation
o Collaborate with the project team to identify coordination and communication needed with individuals/teams affected by the new system prior to the launch.
o Identify retail store policy and procedural changes necessitated by the new process and work with the Director of Operations, Process Optimization Manager, and as necessary seek input from the Director of Retail and/or Regional/District Managers to determine the new policy/procedure.
o Produce user training materials, determine a training schedule, and hold training sessions for all stores before new system launch.
o Develop an organized method to collect stakeholder feedback post launch for both critical and non-critical issues.
o Communicate upcoming process and procedural changes to relevant cross functional areas.

Post launch
o Act as a resource to the stores fielding questions, issues, and concerns from the stores.
o Continue to meet with project team for a regular period post launch to identify and address critical issues.
o Prioritize non-critical issues, determine which need to be addressed, and collaborate with the project team to develop a plan with a timeline to address the outstanding issues.
o Keep stakeholders updated with the status of the critical issues and the plan for the prioritized non-critical issues.
o Update training materials and work with the Process Optimization Manager to update the Policy and Procedure documents for any post launch changes as needed, and disseminate the updated information to relevant parties.

Other Job Functions:
o Attend industry conferences, network internally and externally, and keep abreast of best practices and industry trends related to store systems and operational processes.

Physical Requirements:
o Must be able to sit for extended periods of time.
o Ability to look at a computer screen for extended periods of time.
o Ability to maintain a composed and professional demeanor within a flexible and (at times noisy) work environment.
o Able to travel domestically and internationally utilizing various transportation methods.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
o Minimum 7 years of experience in retail sales or operations in a management capacity.
o Strong business acumen and a thorough knowledge of retail operations, policy, and procedures.
o Must have or obtain a solid understanding of cross functional roles that support retail and their processes.
o Process oriented with a demonstrated ability of streamlining and improving processes.
o Project management experience with the ability to effectively work on multiple projects at the same time.
o Ability to work closely with business partners to effectively execute strategic projects, solve business problems, and improve processes.
o Effective organizational, prioritization, and time management skills.
o Attention to detail and accuracy.
o Fiscally responsible and exercises good judgment to make sound, informed business decisions.
o Must be systems savvy and have or obtain a solid understanding of the functionality of all systems that support Retail and a working understanding of the flow of information and dependencies between the systems include but not limited to Island Pacific, Xstore, Store21, Locate, AX, COGNOS, OSI, Kronos, BMI Traffic Counters, and UPS Worldship.
o Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility.
o Excellent computer skills with experience in the use of such programs as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint.
o Excellent written and oral communication, and interpersonal skills.
o Excellent customer service skills, in person, on the phone and in writing.
o Comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job.

Employee Conduct:
It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.