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Patagonia Baby Snowy Pelage Jacket

Style No. 61040
Luxuriously soft, the Baby Snowy Pelage Jacket is made of a warm, silky high-pile polyester fleece with a 100% polyester lining; with a hand-me-down ID label.

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Product Information
Styled for being best dressed at day care, the Snowy Pelage Jacket is made of durable, warm-wearing 11.6-oz silky high-pile, 100% polyester fleece and is lined with a polyester plain weave for added wind protection. It features swing-coat styling, a cozy fold-down collar, a 4-button front closure, and two drop-in pockets. Easy care; with hand-me-down ID label.


  • Warm, silky high-pile fleece with polyester lining for wind protection
  • Cozy collar for warmth around neck
  • Button center front closure
  • Two drop-in pockets
  • Hand-me-down ID label
  • 11.6-oz 100% silky high-pile, 100% polyester fleece. Lining: 2.4-oz 100% polyester plain weave
  • 303 g (10.7 oz)
  • Made in Vietnam.
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Patagonia Baby Snowy Pelage Jacket
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