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Patagonia Canvas Longbill Cap

Style No. 22205
A versatile, lightweight cotton cap designed for fishing, but it's also the perfect hat for any hot-weather activity.
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When you need more sun protection than an ordinary ball cap can provide, our new Canvas Longbill is the cool, comfortable solution. The extended bill keeps sun off your face while the dark underside reduces glare. Cool and lightweight 100% organic cotton fabric breathes easy in the thickest tropical heat. The Canvas Longbill may be designed for fishing, but it's a hat you'll want to wear for any hot-weather activity.


  • Extended front bill with dark underside reduces glare
  • Adjustable rear buckle with elastic provides a snug fit
  • 5.2-oz 100% brushed organic cotton canvas
  • 71 g (2.5 oz)
  • Made in China.


Organic cotton
Organic cotton is produced using techniques that are healthy and safe for the environment and the people who work and live near the fields where it’s grown. Organic cotton is never grown with synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or defoliants, nor is it genetically modified in any way. Read more

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Patagonia Canvas Longbill Cap
Fish Camo: Classic Tan (FHA-524)
Fish Camo: Classic Tan (FHA-524)Alpha Green (ALP-984)
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