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Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit

Style No. 12000
For repairs in the field, our Expedition Sewing Kit (with carrying case) equips you with everything from a 7075 aluminum alloy awl to thread in ten colors.

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Forget the ten essentials. Survivalists know you need four: food, water, a good knife and our Expedition Sewing Kit (a revival of our original Chouinard Equipment Sewing Kit). Front and center to the kit's utilitarian burliness is the all-everything awesome awl. The awl isn't just any awl: It's machined from high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy – think climbing hardware and hang glider frames – that sews anything from broken pack-straps to the sole flopping off your boot (the stealthy and creative can probably use it to hunt or fish for dinner, too). Heavy duty needles and thread fix the fussy items, while buttons, pins and colored thread mend the easy stuff; and the Tenacious Tape™ adhesive patch seals together everything from torn down jackets to bleeding wounds (not medically approved).


  • 2-piece, machined awl made of high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Two heavy-duty needles, nylon thread, waxed polyester thread and cotter pin
  • Tenacious Tape™ adhesive patch
  • Thread (ten different colors), two sewing needles, two buttons and two safety pins
  • Two-pocket, recycled polyester faux suede carrying case
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Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit
Brown (BRN-130)
Brown (BRN-130)
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