Patagonia Men's Island Hopper II Shirt | $85

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  • Patagonia Men\'s Island Hopper II Shirt - Dusty: Lite Electron Blue DLEB
  • Patagonia Men\'s Island Hopper II Shirt - Dusty: Drifter Grey DSDG
  • Patagonia Men\'s Island Hopper II Shirt - Nymph: Howling Turquoise NYHT
  • Patagonia Men\'s Island Hopper II Shirt - Nymph: Tubular Blue NYTU
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Patagonia Men's Island Hopper II Shirt | $85

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Patagonia Men's Island Hopper II Shirt

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Color Dusty: Lite Electron Blue...(DLEB)
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Dusty: Lite Electron Blue (DLEB)

Dusty: Lite Electron Blue

Dusty: Drifter Grey (DSDG)

Dusty: Drifter Grey

Nymph: Howling Turquoise (NYHT)

Nymph: Howling Turquoise

Nymph: Tubular Blue (NYTU)

Nymph: Tubular Blue









Dusty: Lite Electron Blue (DLEB)Dusty: Drifter Grey (DSDG)Nymph: Howling Turquoise (NYHT)Nymph: Tubular Blue (NYTU)
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A superlight short-sleeved shirt in an easy-care organic cotton/recycled polyester blend.

Two reasons why you see so many Island Hoppers in tropical airports around the world: The classic style provides easy comfort on travel days, and you don’t have to change when it’s time to hit the water. The ultralight 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester fabric wicks moisture, feels great against the skin and has 15-UPF sun protection. It also washes easily with a quick dunk in the sink and dries fast. Made with vibrant colors to reflect the sun’s rays and a straight hem and side vents for casual, untucked comfort. The oversized, drop-in chest pockets (sized for a fly box, passport or both) with mesh vents can be accessed through the vertical reach-through opening while keeping the top flap secured. Includes hidden grosgrain hemostat holder.
  • Easy-care, 60% organic cotton/40% polyester blend
  • Quick-drying fabric is highly breathable and comfortable with 15-UPF sun protection
  • Reach-through chest utility pockets with sculpted front pocket flaps
  • Hidden grosgrain hemostat holder
  • 60% organic cotton /40% recycled polyester plain weave with 15-UPF sun protection
  • 212 g (7.5 oz)
  • Made in Sri Lanka.

Organic Cotton

In 1996, with an increased awareness of the dangers of pesticide use and synthetic fertilizers in growing conventional cotton, we began the exclusive use of organically grown cotton in all of our cotton products.

The quality of organic cotton is equal to or better than conventionally grown cotton, yet organically grown methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and often use less water. Growing organically takes more time, requires more knowledge and skill, and, for now, costs more. But it’s worth it.

To ensure we are buying cotton that is organic as defined by the USDA’s National Organic Program, we require numerous certificates issued by an accredited third-party certification body for every step of the supply chain, from farm to factories.

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