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Patagonia Stud Kit

Style No. 11787
A simple yet highly effective, versatile, hardened, deep-biting stud made of heat-treated steel.

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Product Information
Sometimes you need studs, and sometimes, like in your buddy's wooden drift boat, you don't. Our new hard-biting steel studs cut through algae and river slime for unbeatable traction. More importantly, they're easily installed and removed with a standard screwdriver. The 23 studs come packed in a handy, reusable container for convenient storage in vest pocket or boat bag.


  • Hard biting, removable studs have large gripping heads so that you can wade safely in sticky rubber soled boots
  • Can be installed or removed with any traditional screw driver; no special tools required
  • Handy, reusable storage container can be stowed in your vest or boat bag for convenience
  • 23 studs per kit
  • Heat-treated steel
  • 62 g (2.2 oz)
  • Made in Thailand.
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Patagonia Stud Kit
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Silver (SIL-775)