Patagonia Tumpline | $19

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  • Patagonia Tumpline - Black BLK-155
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Patagonia Tumpline | $19

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Patagonia Tumpline

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Color Black (BLK-155)
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Black (BLK-155)




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Patagonia's Tumpline helps to suspend all or part of a pack's load from the top of the head, thereby alleviating pressure on one's shoulders and hips. Requiring practice to perfect its use, the tumpline has been in use in various forms for thousands of years.

Tumpline: (Algonquian origin). A sling formed by a strap slung over the forehead or chest used for carrying a pack on the back or in hauling loads.

A bit of ancient wisdom rediscovered: Patagonia's Tumpline is a simple but highly effective strap long used in indigenous cultures – and resurrected by our founder Yvon Chouinard – to help transfer the weight of a backpack from the shoulders to the head, neck, and down the center of the back. When you first try out a tumpline remember that it will take a while to get used to. You can't go directly from the aerospace age to primitive times and ideas without adapting yourself. Take it slowly and build up to it. Eventually, those muscles will get stronger. And your enjoyment of load carrying will increase, especially if you take pleasure in being out of step with the technological age. Hand-wash cold, no bleach, line dry, do not iron.

To read Chouinard's full story of his rediscovery of the tumpline, its advantages, and how to use one properly, read “On Tumplines."

Please note: This tumpline should not be used if you have back or neck problems and should only be used by adults. It's meant to be used with backpacks or other equipment that has shoulder straps in order to avoid strain to the head, back and spine. Please be mindful of not using with heavy loads, be sure to rest, and please stop use at any sign of neck or back discomfort.
  • Accommodates packs of all sizes
  • Transfers weight of a backpack from shoulders to head, neck and back
  • Made of easy-care nylon webbing
  • Nylon buckle minimizes slippage and allows for smooth and easy tightening
  • Headband lined with Capilene® 3 fabric that wicks and is quick to dry
  • Strap: 3/4" 100% nylon webbing. Headband: 2" 100% nylon webbing. Headband lining: 5.4-oz Capilene® 3 100% polyester. Buckle: 100% nylon
  • Made in USA.

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