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Patagonia Slopestyle Beanie

Style No. 28970
The Slopestyle Beanie is the go-to hat for our snow ambassadors. Made of a soft and comfortable nylon/chlorine-free merino wool blend.

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Product Information
This is the go-to beanie for our ski and snowboard ambassadors as they ride from Telluride in January to Las LeƱas in July. The durable blend of 55% nylon and 45% chlorine-free merino wool provides a hard-working balance between wickability, fast dry times and cold-weather warmth. Lightweight and stuffable, the Slopestyle's can be worn tall and proud or scrunched down for a more relaxed, low-profile fits under a helmet.


  • Soft nylon/chlorine-free merino wool blend keeps head warm and comfortable
  • Can be worn tall and slouchy or cuffed and closer to head
  • 55% nylon/45% chlorine-free merino wool
  • 74 g (2.6 oz)
  • Made in China.


Chlorine-free Wool
Raw, untreated wool has scales that make it itchy and coarse and cause it to shrink, so most wool fabrics are treated with chlorine to reduce the scales. But chlorine is a pervasive pollutant that’s especially harmful to organisms living in water and soil. We remove the scales from our merino wool fibers using a unique chlorine-free process that’s bluesign® approved.

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Patagonia Slopestyle Beanie
Tidal Teal (TDT-510)
Tidal Teal (TDT-510)

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