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Patagonia Women's Active Boy Shorts

Style No. 32512
Feminine, low-rise, boy-short-style underwear made of ultrasoft, lightweight recycled polyester.

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Product Information
We've worn this feminine underwear as on-the-fly bathing suit bottoms, to Bikram yoga class and as sleepwear - their functionality is limitless. Low-rise Active Boy Shorts are seamless to eliminate chafing, and their soft, technical fabric breathes and wicks moisture to keep you comfy and dry. A short, flat waistband won't roll or bind; stretchy, shaped leg openings have minimal fabric for a no-bunch fit. Made of a polyester (76% recycled)/spandex blend.


  • Ultrasoft, lightweight polyester/spandex stretch blend wicks moisture
  • Seamless construction
  • Waistband and shaped leg openings lie flat and won't roll or bind
  • Tagless for itch-free comfort
  • 5.8-oz 92% polyester (76% recycled)/8% spandex
  • 31 g (1.1 oz)
  • Made in Israel.


Recycled Polyester
We recycle used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments into polyester fibers to produce many of our clothes.

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Patagonia Women's Active Boy Shorts
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