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Patagonia Women's Paries Bottoms

Style No. 77230
Boy-short-style swimsuit bikini bottoms with full back coverage; made of a durable nylon/spandex blend.

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Styled like boy shorts, our Paries swimsuit bottoms fit low and straight across the hips, with full coverage in back. Medium-coverage front has supersoft, nylon/spandex lining. Made of an 82% nylon/18% spandex swim fabric blend.


  • Durable nylon/spandex blend
  • These boy-short-style swimsuit bikini bottoms fit low and straight across the hips
  • Front lining now made of a beautiful nylon/spandex fabric blend designed specifically for use in swimwear
  • Full coverage in back
  • 6-oz 82% nylon/18% spandex. Lining: 4-oz 88% nylon/12% spandex jersey
  • 53 g (1.9 oz)
  • Made in Colombia.
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Patagonia Women's Paries Bottoms
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